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Here's how it works!

1. you're hungry.

2. You realize that you want pizza, per usual, & are in the bike delivery neighborhood!

3. click the box below & place your order online!

4. Our Bike Deliverer (more like, your work day hero!) will text you when they're leaving the restaurant. Expect a 5-20 minute wait from that text. 

5. Wait patiently & get ready for the goodness to arrive. 

6. Meet us outside your office or in the lobby!  We’ll have you sign a receipt & then send you on your way! 


Bike Delivery Hours

Monday-friday | 11a-2p


bike DELIVERY neighborhood AREA

What’s our “neighborhood”, you ask?

Our bike delivery route will cover the following - NW 23rd Street, N Classen Boulevard, Reno Ave, & I-235.  If you work or live within these streets, you’re in our neighborhood & we can’t wait to bring pizza to your door!

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.53.44 PM.png

Bike Delivery neighborhood Boundaries 

NW Corner Boundary: NW 23rd & N Classen Boulevard

NE Corner Boundary: NW 23rd & I-235 / NE 16th & Lottie

SE Corner Boundary: I-235 & E Reno Ave / NE 4th & Lottie

SW Corner Boundary: E Reno Ave & N Classen Boulevard



How long will it take to get my order?

This will depend on when you place your order & how many orders are in the queue.  We’ll do our best to quote you an accurate time, but know that our bike deliverer will text you when they leave HPK (9th & Harvey) with your order.  From here, it will take between 5 - 25 minutes, depending on other stops & your location.

How much does delivery cost?

Only $2.50!  We ask that your order be no less than $10 (before delivery).  There will be a spot to tip your friendly bike deliverer, if you’d like!  They’ll love ya.

What if I’m right outside the neighborhood?

This hurts us a little, but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere.  Forgive us!

How do I pay?

Bike delivery is by credit card only. 

Is there a maximum number of whole pizzas I can ordeR? 

Unfortunately, space is limited on the pizza bike. The maximum number of whole pies you can order via bike delivery is 10. 


Why bike delivery?

Why bike delivery?  We’re in the middle of Midtown, one of OKC’s most walkable & community driven neighborhoods.  What a perfect spot! While Midtown is completely’s not always as "parkable". Your lunch break is short & we want to help maximize your time… so we’ll bring the pizza to you!  Also, it’s an ode to simplicity & the past...why drive when you can bike?