We are the Halls & we love wood fired pizza.

Saturday Nights have always been about homemade pizza & family time for us.   Over the years, the family tradition has expanded as well as our desire to share it.   In 2013 we opened our food truck & fell in love with sharing our pizza with you all!

 Now, we're delighted to be able to welcome you to our brick & mortar, an extension of our home.  You're the best part & we love having you around.  

It's always Saturday Night at The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen!


NOW OPEN in the Alley at 9th & Hudson, we're bringing you the wood fired pizza you've come to know and love from our food truck to a brick and mortar restaurant. 

Our team

Molly Hall, Managing Partner & General Manager | molly@thehallskitchen.com

Lorne Hall, Financial Director

Lori Hall, Culinary Director

Elise Hall, Pizza Truck Director & Social Media/Marketing | elise@thehallskitchen.com

Quinn Carroll, Executive Chef 

Laura Reed, Assistant Manager at The Hall's in the Alley 

Aubrey Clowers, Assistant Manager at The Hall's in the Alley 

Faith Bercier, Assistant Financial Director & Assistant Manager at The Hall's in the Alley

& a whole host of awesome people that make your pizza dreams come true!