Pizza Truck Private Event Menu

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What we recommend

Our favorite way to serve at private events & weddings would look something like the following...

  • a STARTER (see menu below!)

  • a SALAD (see menu below!)

  • 3 or 4 PIZZAS (see the menu below! For faster service for large groups, having 3 pizzas on your menu will be perfect)


    • the MATT

    • the COMPANY

    • one more chosen from the pizza menu below!

  • a SWEET (or two -- see the menu below!)

  • BEVERAGES (see menu below!)

Thinking of something else? Let's chat! We can tailor a menu specifically for your event!



  • Quinn's Burrata (4.50 per person): burrata, proscuitto, calabrese olive oil, truffle honey, wood fired flat bread

  • Charcuterie - cheese, cured meats, dried fruit, nuts, marinated olives

    • One cheese (serves 15-20 people) $55

    • Two cheeses (serves 50-55 people) $100

    • Three cheeses (serves 75-80 people) $150

  • BACON JAM & PIMENTO (3.25 per person): bacon jam, fire roasted jalapeno pimento cheese, wood fired flat bread

  • Marinated olives (2.50 per person): kalamata & castelvetrano olives with fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, lemon, chile de arbol & feta

  • Uncle Rico (3.00 per person): whipped ricotta, burnt honey, flaky salt, cracked black pepper, wood fired flat bread

  • Roasted Goat bruschetta (3.50 per person): roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, our pesto, crostini

  • The Hall's Bruschetta (3.50 per person): balsamic marinated tomatoes, fresh basil, parmigiano reggiano, crostini


  • The Daily Salad (4.00 per person): fresh romaine, carrot, green onion, purple cabbage, blueberry, cherry tomato, candied pecan, balsamic vinaigrette

  • Julius Caesar Salad (4.00 per person): fresh romaine, shaved parmigiano reggiano, olive oil croutons, lemon caesar dressing

  • Katy Salad (4.00 per person): fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, our pesto, balsamic reduction, quick pickled red onion

  • eat your greens salad (4.00 per person): kale, arugula, togarashi, pistachio, green apple, goat cheese, cranberry, maple white balsamic vinaigrette




  • SATURDAY NIGHT: pepperoni, sausage, whole milk mozzarella, fresh basil, parmigiano reggiano, + our sauce

  • Company: slab bacon, italian sausage, pepperoni, canadian bacon, whole milk mozzarella, fresh basil, parmigiano reggiano + our sauce

  • The matt: caramelized peppers + onions, artichoke hearts, our pesto, our sauce, whole milk mozzarella, + parmigiano reggiano

  • samwise: rosemary roasted potatoes, cream cheese, caramelized onions, slab bacon, whole milk mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, + balsamic reduction

  • smoke: smoked chicken, red onion, smoked gouda, head country bbq sauce, whole milk mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, + fresh cilantro

  • beat the heat: fire roasted jalapenos, smoked chicken, cream cheese, slab bacon, whole milk mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano,  + sriracha

  • blanco: fresh mozzarella, calabrese olive oil, garlic, smoked sea salt, + parmigiano reggiano

  • pep talk: roasted jalapenos, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, calabrese olive oil, garlic, smoked sea salt, + parmigiano reggiano

  • russell the goat: goat cheese, balsamic roasted tomatoes, our pesto, whole milk mozzarella, + parmigiano reggiano

  • lasagna (pizza, not pasta): garlic tomato sauce, herb ricotta, house made meatballs, whole milk mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, + fresh basil

  • the sweetness: serrano ham, fresh pineapple, fresh mozzarella, our sauce, fresh basil, hot honey

  • The Marghe: our sauce, fresh basil, calabrese olive oil, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano

  • SMOKEY THE BEAR: smoked canadian bacon, pepperoncini, calabrese pepper, our sauce, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano & honey

  • The girl’s Trip: roasted golden tomato, whipped ricotta, provolone, garlic, fresh oregano, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano

  • NO FIG DEAL (vegan): fig jam, pistachio, housemade creamy cashew “cheese”, tofu ricotta, vegan parm, fresh arugula & balsamic reduction

All pizzas are $4 per slice. 


  • assorted san pellegrino fruit sodas

  • boylan ginger ale & grape sodas

  • sparking water

  • ibc rootbeer

  • coca cola

  • died coke

  • dr. pepper

  • diet dr. pepper

  • water

all beverages are $2.50 each.


  • SAlted caramel chocolate chip cookies $2.75

  • lemon drop sugar cookies $2.75

  • outrageous brownies $2.75

  • m & M cookies $2.75

  • brown sugar snickerdoodle cookies $2.75

  • mocha black out cake $75 (16 slices, whole cake)

  • birthday cake $65 (16 slices, whole cake)

  • madagascar bourbon vanilla pound cake